The University of Auckland


  • Parent-Infant Cooperation in Digital Contexts
  • Parent-Infant Cooperation in Video Chat and Face-to-face Contexts
  • The Lab Environment for the Study of Deconstructing Digitally Mediated Early Communication
  • Varied Interactions And Varied Behaviours: Investigating Cooperation, Play, And Social Learning Across Varied Contexts In Early Childhood
  • How do school gardens facilitate social, psychological, and behavioural wellbeing of primary school children in Aotearoa, New Zealand?
  • Coding Scheme for Joint Coordinated Engagement (JCE) Scores during Parent-Infant Peekaboo Play
  • Connect & Kōrero Innovating to amplify refugee and ethnic migrant youth voice in Aotearoa New Zealand policy.

Yimei Chuah's public data