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posted on 2017-02-16, 07:41 authored by Gavin T. L. BrownGavin T. L. Brown

This codebook/data dictionary provides users of the Teacher Conceptions of Assessment Inventory details of the structure of the data files used to analyse the New Zealand data. This codebook needs to be read in conjunction with the following complementary files:

1.     The Teacher Conceptions of Assessment Questionnaire or Inventory

a.       Long with 50 items

b.      Abridged with 27 items

2.      The New Zealand data files, in SPSS format, for 

a.       The 2001 Primary School Survey

b.      The 2007 Secondary School Survey

3.      The confirmatory factor analysis input files for long and abridged versions 

a.       AMOS graphic input system


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