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Self-Assessment Intentions in IQA

posted on 2023-05-31, 09:59 authored by Tianxin LiTianxin Li, Gavin T. L. BrownGavin T. L. Brown, Eleanor HaweEleanor Hawe

This data file provides survey data from university students in Chinese higher education institutions. Students were surveyed about their intentions in self-assessment (either impression management or learning) within the Integrated Quality Assessment framework used by universities to award scholarships. Constructs also measured were their perceptions of

  • the nature and purpose of self-assessment in the IQA,
  • academic integrity in various formats of assessment, and
  • the prevalence of peer misconduct in various formats of assessment.

The data is in SPSS .sav format. There are 2063 cases with no missing data. The ID code is an arbitrary sequential numeric code. Data includes student sex, year of study, and faculty in which they are studying. The data dictionary gives the meaning of the inventory coding system.

The survey was a key piece of work in the PhD thesis work by Tianxin Li, supervised by Gavin Brown and Eleanor Hawe. The thesis can be referenced as:

Li, T. (2021). The Tension Between Impression Management and Learning: Chinese Students’ Conceptions of Academic Integrity and Self-Assessment [unpublished Ph.D. thesis, The University of Auckland].

these data are related to a manuscript available at

  • Li, T., Brown, G. T. L., & Hawe, E. (2023). The tension between impression management and learning: examining the impact of Chinese students’ academic integrity perceptions on self-assessment intentions. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 48(8), 1371-1384.

Dr Li holds a postdoc position at Shaanxi Normal University in Xi'an China.



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