Dataset of Lower Extremity Joint Angles, Moments and Forces in Distance Running

Published on by Qichang Mei
This project presents a database of joint angles, moments, and forces of the lower extremity from distance running at a submaximal speed in recreational runners. The raw data in C3D files could be used for musculoskeletal modelling. Extra datasets of joint angles, moments, and forces are presented ready-for-use in MAT files, which could be as reference for study of biomechanical alterations from distance running. Applying advanced data processing techniques (Machine Learning algorithms) to these datasets (C3D & MAT), such as Principal Component Analysis, could extract key features of variation, thus potentially being applied for correlation with accelerometric and gyroscope parameters from wearable sensors during field running. Dataset of multi-segmental foot could be another contribution for the investigation of foot complex biomechanics from distance running. The dataset from Asian males may also be used for population-based studies of running biomechanics.

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Ningbo University; University of Auckland