New Zealand published composers 1850-1913

Published on 2017-03-08T03:26:38Z (GMT) by Elizabeth Nichol
This information was compiled during the process of locating and organising data for my University of Auckland doctoral research on New Zealand’s published music 1850-1913.<br><br>The lists presented here do not form part of my thesis. They are a supplement to the information contained in the thesis and are deposited and distributed here as they may also be of interest to other researchers. While as complete and accurate as possible at the time of posting (February 2017), new information in this area is constantly coming to light and so these lists should be not considered final and complete.<br><br>There are three separate lists:<br>1. Published sheet music by date, including some short extracts from contemporary newspaper reviews and other notes.<br>2. Biographical sketches of the composers<br>3. Pieces published in newspapers or periodicals, or as music supplements.

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