The University of Auckland


  • Population dynamics of oceanic manta rays (Mobula birostris) in the Raja Ampat Archipelago, West Papua, Indonesia, and the impacts of the El Niño–Southern Oscillation on their movement ecology
  • Correcting for missing and irregular data in home-range estimation
  • Site fidelity and movement patterns of reef manta rays (mobula alfredi: Mobulidae) using passive acoustic telemetry in northern raja Ampat, Indonesia
  • Predicting mobulid ray distribution in coastal areas of Lesser Sunda Seascape: Implication for spatial and fisheries management
  • Natural history of manta rays in the Bird's Head Seascape, Indonesia, with an analysis of the demography and spatial ecology of Mobula alfredi (Elasmobranchii: Mobulidae)
  • A holistic approach to manta ray conservation in the Papuan Bird’s Head Seascape: Resounding success, ongoing challenges
  • Marine conservation in the Sunda Banda Seascape, Indonesia
  • How Big Is That Manta Ray? A Novel and Non-Invasive Method for Measuring Reef Manta Rays Using Small Drones
  • Residency and Use of an Important Nursery Habitat, Raja Ampat’s Wayag Lagoon, by Juvenile Reef Manta Rays (Mobula alfredi)
  • Reef manta ray social dynamics depend on individual differences in behaviour
  • A global atlas of potential thermal refugia for coral reefs generated by internal gravity waves
  • Diving into the vertical dimension of elasmobranch movement ecology
  • Population estimates of photo-identified individuals using a modified POPAN model reveal that Raja Ampat’s reef manta rays are thriving
  • Spatial connectivity of reef manta rays across the Raja Ampat archipelago, Indonesia

Edy Setyawan's public data