The University of Auckland

Dion O'Neale


  • Modelling Aotearoa New Zealand's COVID-19 protection framework and the transition away from the elimination strategy
  • Degree distributions of bipartite networks and their projections
  • Geochemical Sourcing of New Zealand Obsidians by Portable X-Ray Fluorescence from 2011 to 2018
  • Social network analysis of obsidian artefacts and Māori interaction in northern Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Investigating the transmission risk of infectious disease outbreaks through the Aotearoa Co-incidence Network (ACN): a population-based study
  • Calculating incidence of Influenza-like and COVID-like symptoms from Flutracking participatory survey data
  • Structure of the Region-Technology Network as a Driver for Technological Innovation
  • Entropy of Co-Enrolment Networks Reveal Disparities in High School STEM Participation
  • Evolution of interdependent co-authorship and citation networks
  • The Impact of Science Capital on Self-Concept in Science: A Study of University Students in New Zealand
  • Using Network Science to Quantify Economic Disruptions in Regional Input-Output Networks
  • Latent Space Generative Model for Bipartite Networks
  • Bourdieu, networks, and movements: Using the concepts of habitus, field and capital to understand a network analysis of gender differences in undergraduate physics
  • Preserving energy resp. dissipation in numerical PDEs using the "Average Vector Field" method
  • Power Law Distributions of Patents as Indicators of Innovation
  • Preservation and destruction of periodic orbits by symplectic integrators
  • Reconsidering trigonometric integrators
  • Geometric integration for a two-spin system
  • Transitivity and degree assortativity explained: The bipartite structure of social networks
  • The importance of spatial heterogeneity in disease transmission

Dion O'Neale's public data