The University of Auckland

Avishek Kumar


  • Simulating MIMO Feedback Linearization Control of Wind Turbines Using FAST
  • Scheduled Model Predictive Control of a wind Turbine
  • Multivariable Control of Wind Turbines for Fatigue Load Reduction in the Presence of Nonlinearities
  • Field Testing of LIDAR Assisted Feedforward Control Algorithms for Improved Speed Control and Fatigue Load Reduction on a 600 kW Wind Turbine
  • Assessment of Turbine-Mounted Lidar for Control Applications
  • Fully Integrated Design: Lifetime Cost of Energy Reduction for Offshore Wind
  • Methods for feed-forward control and real time system simulator
  • PI-based assessment (application) on the results of WP2-WP4 for 20 MW wind turbines
  • PI-based assessment of most promising concepts combined with advanced control
  • Combining classical platform stabilisation strategies for floating wind turbine control
  • Coupled analysis of floating wind turbines
  • LIDAR assisted model predictive control of a next generation wind turbine for tower fatigue load reduction and improved speed control
  • Scheduled model predictive control of a wind turbine
  • Simulating feedback linearization control of wind turbines using high-order models
  • Wind turbine control applications of turbine-mounted LIDAR
  • Tower Based Load Measurements for Individual Pitch Control and Tower Damping of Wind Turbines

Avishek Kumar's public data