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Dataset II_Interview question guide_v1 01-02-2023.docx

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This interview guide relates to interview transcripts collected from teaching staff interviews (dataset II, see ESM C) conducted to capture a holistic view of the teaching staff's perceptions of all the Faculty Development (FD) available and how they have applied any knowledge or skills acquired from them. We emailed an online survey (dataset I, see ESM B) to the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences (FMHS) University of Auckland teaching community, comprising approximately 460 staff members. We included the invitation to an interview by a link at the end of the survey. We went through an iterative approach to refining the interview question guide with our external consulting agency (Academic Consulting LTD).

This is underlying data associated with the article 'Faculty development for strengthening online teaching capability: being responsive to what staff want, evaluated with Kirkpatrick’s model of teaching effectiveness' which has been published in MedEdPublish 2023, 13:127 (


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