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Patent Landscape - Patents Arising from the New Zealand Food and Beverage Sector

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posted on 2024-06-12, 00:26 authored by Peter Brown

This patent landscape is a spotlight of patents arising from the NZ food & beverage sector since 2010. We compare it to the metrics of other OECD countries with a similar size population (5-25M people) including Israel, Singapore, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium. We drill down into total filings per year, rates of grants / transfers, overall patent values, overseas patent filing strategies to give an idea of how we stack up compared to some of our competitor / comparator countries.

Following that comparison, we narrow in on the key technologies and applications arising from NZ patents, and which companies in NZ are having the greatest influence on the patent landscape.

Finally, we profile nine patented F&B technologies that have been successfully commercialised by NZ F&B companies.

These analytics and insights will help put in context NZ’s contribution to F&B innovation (by patent data) compared to other OECD countries, and that despite very low R&D spend, NZ is actually very efficient at converting to patented technologies. It supports that greater funding is required to drive our R&D outputs.



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