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Patent Landscape - Marine Based Food Innovation

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posted on 2024-06-12, 00:25 authored by Peter Brown

This review is centred on marine based food and beverage innovation, which includes seafood, aquaculture, algae, and other plant and cell based approaches to production of alternative marine proteins and nutrients, and highlighting those linked with HVN’s four health targets. The broader search assessed any patents published within the past 20 years for the initial big picture analytics, but then narrowing down our review to patents published in the past 12 months. This report is intended to provide high level insights into the patent activity for marine based innovation. It should not be considered as IP advice nor be used to assess your freedom to operate or patent infringement. It is important to seek specific IP advice for your given situation.

• There is a flat innovation trend overall but alternative protein / algae is hot area with anticipated huge growth moving forward.

• Recent patents have relevance towards HVN’s health platforms, particularly digestive wellness and immune health.

• Sustainability and nutrition are key drivers in alternative marine protein space.

• Lots of collaborative activity and deals in alternative protein space. Consider partnerships & licensing IP to get to market faster.

• High value patents have a lean towards PUFAs (these are older patents from large multinationals, but the trend with algae and omega 3 benefits continue).



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