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Patent Landscape - Food for Health

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posted on 2024-06-12, 00:25 authored by Peter Brown

This patent landscape takes a step back to look at the global patent landscape for Food For Health to identify areas that are being prioritised and represent hot areas for the future.

We first look at the patent filing trends since 2010 and then where NZ sits in this global landscape relative to other countries. We then turn to look at which companies are contributing most to this technology area, followed by a analysing where Applicants are filing their patents (indicator of commercial opportunities).

Changing tact, we look at the subject of the patents landscape, offering rich insights into target health areas, nutrients/bioactives and food types being utilised –comparing China to the rest of the world. We then take a similar view on the target health areas from Western multinationals that dominate the landscape, which can be very useful for planning your innovation project if looking to partner or exit in future years.

Finally, we round out our analysis by looking at supportive VC investment and research publication trends for Food for Health.

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