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Patent Landscape - Alternative Proteins

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posted on 2024-06-12, 00:25 authored by Peter Brown

This patent landscape review is centred on recent patent insights relating to the field of alternative proteins. Our scope covers the past 10 years on any alternative animal protein that is being used to mimic a conventional animal-based food product. This includes red and white meat, chicken, milk and other dairy products (cheese, yoghurt), eggs and seafood.

Plant based alternatives have been a mainstay of this area, but we also focus our analysis on the more recent cell-based approaches from the past 18 months. The latter typically are being derived from recombinantly produced proteins expressed through microorganisms grown in bioreactors, or animal-cell based technologies using cells harvested from animals and then grown using scaffolds to resemble meat products.

This report is intended to provide a short snapshot and preliminary insights into the patent activity for alternative protein innovation. It should not be taken as specific IP advice nor be used to assess your freedom to operate or patent infringement. It is important to seek specific IP advice for your given situation.

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