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posted on 2024-06-12, 00:25 authored by Peter Brown

The purpose of this report is to provide HVN members with an update outlining patent insights and trends in food based approaches to metabolic health since the June 2020 report. The outputs of this report are:

• an executive summary;

• patent trends and insights over the past year, and in comparison to the landscape over the past 20 years; and

• trends and insights from the Bulls Eye and Halo patents published over the past 12 months; and

• details and access (through web-links) to each new patent in this review period.

This report should not be taken as specific advice relating to your intellectual property strategy, freedom to operate, commercial or legal matters. You should always seek your own independent advice relating to your situation. IPSynergy is happy to help.

Relevant patents included in this report are patents published after 2 June 2020, providing metabolic health outcomes through food/beverage interventions. We excluded patents if they were focused on pharmaceutical drugs, therapeutic treatments of disease states (opposed to preventative approaches of interest), synthetic compounds / molecules, recombinant technology or genetically engineered material, non-human animal treatments, non-oral routes of intervention, and diagnostics.

Bull's Eye patents relate to glycaemic control, prevention of pre-diabetes or diabetes using foods, nutrients or bioactives that have links to New Zealand’s food industry.

Halo patents are related more-so to other metabolic health conditions including fatty liver, thin-on-outside, fat-on-inside (TOFI), thermogenic foods and whole diet approaches to metabolic health.

Background patents are those that a) may reference diabetes as a potential health outcome, but are not directed towards it, b) utilise probiotics as a bioactive, or c) hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, stroke, “triple high”, obesity and body composition. These were not included in the 12-month analytics. A full list of the Background patents is presented in section 5.

NB: We have also separated out patents that rely on traditional herbal medicine approaches to metabolic health because of the large number of results. We comment briefly on these in Section 2.8, and are happy to review with anyone interested.



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