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HVN1926 Novel Food Navigation Tool Supplementary Information

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posted on 2022-08-10, 00:58 authored by Michelle Cubitt, Ali Rashidinejad


HVN1926 Roadmap for novel foods containing plants and plant extracts endemic to Aotearoa New Zealand

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Project to create overview of novel food regulatory environment for key markets of interest to NZ Food and Beverage sector, defining how requirements under novel food legal frameworks impact new product development and export opportunities, including case studies of native plants.

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Data access requirements

All data is housed in the associated documents linked to this catalog entry and are publicly available.

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Fields of Research (FOR) Codes 

451999: Other Indigenous data methodologies and global Indigenous studies not elsewhere classified.


Socio-Economic Objective (SEO) codes

219999: Other indigenous not elsewhere classified



Extracts, food, ingredient, kawakawa, kumarahou, novel, plant, regulation, regulatory, roadmap

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Lead Principal Investigators at time of study execution

Michelle Cubitt and Dr Ali Rashidinejad

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Unavailable for Michelle Cubitt;

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Smart Regulatory Solutions, Riddet Institute

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Collaborating researchers and affiliations

Donnell Alexander (Ministry for Primary Industries), Karen Lau (Ministry for Primary Industries)

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Data Champion

Michelle Cubitt and Dr Ali Rashidinejad

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Data Champion email;

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Māori Data Champion

Not applicable.

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Māori Data Champion email

Not applicable.

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Kaitiaki Representative Name

Not applicable.

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Kaitiaki Representative email

Not applicable.

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Kaitiaki Representative Whakapapa

Not applicable.

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Industry Collaborators


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Industry Collaborators email

Not applicable.

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Biological samples obtained / analysed?


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Taonga species

Kawakawa; Kumarahou

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COVID information collected?

No applicable.

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Ethics registry

Not applicable

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Clinical trials registry URL

Not applicable

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Data description

HVN Novel Foods Navigation Tool.pdf, Novel Food Navigation Tool Supplementary Information.pdf

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Data Formats

PDF file

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Data Storage Location / Host Organisation

HVN Figshare repository

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Data contact

Michelle Cubitt and Dr Ali Rashidinejad

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Duration of Data Storage


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Not applicable.

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Data able to be disaggregrated?

Not applicable.

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Unprocessed Biological Samples available?

Not applicable.

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High-value Nutrition, Ko Ngā Kai Whai Painga

Temporal coverage: start


Temporal coverage: end


HVN Project / Programme Name


Data access requirements

All data is housed in the associated documents linked to this catalog entry and are publicly available.

Data description

PDF file