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IP Strategy Roadmap for NZs Food and Beverage Industry.pdf (6.24 MB)

IP Strategy Roadmap for NZ's Food & Beverage Sector: Joint report

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posted on 2024-06-17, 22:30 authored by Peter Brown

This report accompanies the three-part webinar series 'IP Strategy Roadmap for NZ's Food & Beverage Sector'. Designed for New Zealand’s F&B industry. This Intellectual Property 101 webinar series is hosted by patent attorney and F&B specialist Dr Peter Brown.

The series is designed for R&D and IP managers, start-up entrepreneurs, and academics or researchers collaborating with industry partners.

  • What is IP and why is it so important in the food & beverage (F&B) industry?
  • Kickstarting your IP strategy
  • Explaining some relevant types of IP for F&B companies, and pros/cons
  • Flow diagrams of the patent, trademark and design application process
  • Ways to leverage and utilise IP rights in the F&B industry
  • Mock case studies of utilising IP rights in innovative F&B companies
  • Mitigating risk of patent infringement
  • Patent ownership considerations
  • Confidentiality considerations
  • Managing IP costs
  • IP Checklist for your F&B company



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