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Growing Up in New Zealand Policy Brief. Employment and parental leave around the time of birth: evidence from Growing Up in New Zealand

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posted on 2024-05-28, 23:30 authored by Growing Up in New Zealand

Parental leave, particularly if paid, is associated with improved maternal and child health outcomes, and a priority for overcoming health inequalities. Parents with no or limited leave, or with unpaid leave perceive an imperative to return to work sooner. Early returns to work are associated with reduced levels and duration of breastfeeding and with poorer immunisation coverage. Parental leave is also associated with income security, labour market attachment, career development, and gender equity in the labour force.

Little is known about parents’ experiences of recent parental leave in New Zealand, including their antenatal preferences and postnatal realities. This policy brief describes such parental leave experience of the parents in Growing Up in New Zealand, particularly focusing on leave anticipated and taken around the time their cohort babies were born (2009-2010).


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DCW0 (antenatal) DCW1 (6 weeks and 9 months) DCW2 (24-months)