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Growing Up in New Zealand: A longitudinal study of New Zealand children and their families. Report 1: Before we are born

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This is the first report released by the Growing Up in New Zealand study and describes the research objectives, conceptual framework and domains which guide questionnaire design going forward. The findings focus solely on the antenatal data, outlining mother and partner experiences antenatally, and describes the cohort profile.

The participants of the Growing Up in New Zealand study are being born into a culturally and structurally diverse New Zealand, with many of their parents having moved here only in their adult years. Our children also have diverse socioeconomic realities (with many being born into families and neighbourhoods that experience high levels of deprivation), and their parents have varied intentions for their care arrangements in the future.

This report details the information from the first of many interviews in this study, and challenges much of our traditional rhetoric about growing up in New Zealand. These early findings challenge us all to consider how we can ensure that these children will be able to achieve their dreams as they grow into our future adults.


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