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Every 4 minutes - A discussion paper on preventing family violence in New Zealand. Lambie report 8.11.18.pdf (2.01 MB)
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Every 4 minutes: A discussion paper on preventing family violence in New Zealand

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posted on 2018-12-11, 05:13 authored by Ian LambieIan Lambie, Juliet GerrardJuliet Gerrard
This is a discussion paper on what New
Zealand can do to prevent family violence. It
takes the position that family violence is a
solvable problem. Family violence can be
seen as largely a “symptom” of underlying
social and psychological issues, that are
indeed multiple and complex, but are
associated with many of the drivers of other
social concerns. In the end, there is a lot to be
gained for New Zealand by the unleashing of
the social and economic wellbeing of
children, families, communities, businesses,
and services that would follow the reduction
or elimination of emotional, physical, sexual,
and psychological violence that tangle and
restrain our homes and our relationships.



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