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Upgrading Your Memor[y|ies]: Some guidance for UoA undergraduates considering postgraduate Computer Science

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posted on 2020-11-12, 08:44 authored by James CooperJames Cooper
A presentation the author gave to undergraduate Computer Science students considering postgraduate study at the University of Auckland on the 20th of August 2019, by request from UoA's Science Students' Association.

The talk was largely implicitly focused on UoA's 1-year BSc(Hons) programme for Computer Science (as it was at the time), which normally consists of students taking 6 advanced taught papers and a small-ish research project. This is the pathway into postgrad for most UoA students.

The presentation first discusses some possible methods and approaches for students to use when trying to find an appropriate supervisor and research topic for their dissertation - especially given that many of them will never have engaged in research activity before; then, it provides an overview of the undergraduate courses at UoA recommended for each postgraduate taught course, as they were at the time; finally it finishes off with mentioning some myths about postgraduate Computer Science that the author thought many of the attendees might believe - and highlighting that they are all myths.

The files include both the final pdf of the presentation slides, as well the input LaTeX files to generate a copy of the slides (tested with MikTex). I'm not sure about how well CC-BY agrees with the MIT license the beamer theme used was released under, so I leave it to you to access it from the links referenced below. The specific files used here were beamercolorthemeDarkConsole.sty, beamerthemeDarkConsole.sty,
kmbeamer_color.sty and



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