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Toward defining and implementing FAIR for research software

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posted on 2020-12-07, 22:03 authored by MICHELLE BARKER
A new FAIR for Research Software Working Group (FAIR4RS WG) has been jointly convened by Research Data Alliance (RDA), FORCE11 and Research Software Alliance (ReSA) Taskforce, in recognition of the importance of this work for the advancement of the research sector. FAIR4RS WG will enable coordination of a range of existing community-led discussions on how to define and effectively apply FAIR principles to research software, to achieve adoption of these principles.

The working group will deliver: 1) A document developed with community support defining FAIR principles for research software; 2) Guidelines on how to apply the FAIR principles for research software; and 3) A document summarising the definition of the FAIR principles for research software, implementation guidelines and adoption examples.

Four initial subgroups are now 1) defining research software, 2) taking a fresh look at the FAIR principles in the context of research software, 3) examining recent work in this area, and 4) looking at how FAIR is being applied to other types of objects. This talk will provide an update on the results of these four subgroups, in the context of the entire working group's activities and plans, and share ongoing opportunities for engagement with this work.

Dr Michelle Barker is the Director of the Research Software Alliance (ReSA). She has extensive expertise in open science, research software, digital workforce capability and digital research infrastructure. As a sociologist, Michelle is passionate about building collaborative partnerships to achieve system change.

She recently chaired the OECD Global Science Forum expert group on digital skills for the research sector, is an Advisory Committee Member of the US Software Sustainability Institute (URSSI), and has co-convened conferences including the IEEE International Conference on e-Science, Workshop on Sustainable Software for Science: Practice and Experiences (WSSSPE), International Workshop on Science Gateways and eResearch Australasia.

Michelle is a former Director of the Australian Research Data Commons, where she led the strategic planning for the Australian government’s $180 million, five-year investment in ARDC, the national research software infrastructure investment program, and developed a national strategy to enhance digital workforce capacity in the research sector.



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