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Research Data–Preserve, Share, Reuse, Publish, or Perish

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posted on 2015-10-05, 21:05 authored by Mark GaheganMark Gahegan
Slides for a talk given on October the 5th, 2015, as part of the COMPASS Spring Seminar Series 2015 by Prof Mark Gahegan from the Centre for eResearch

Abstract: Researchers need a variety of data services to support their work, from archives, to backups, through to data sharing and eventually data publishing.  And it is very clear that our funding agencies will soon follow suit with those in the USA, EU, Australia and elsewhere and require researchers to make publicly funded research data available to others in most cases, though of course ensuring confidentiality of individuals where necessary.  The talk will begin by describing some of these services, what we understand that researchers and funders need and how we go about ensuring such services are provided by our institutions. But this is just the beginning.  In the burgeoning era of open (and sometimes data-led) research, new possibilities and challenges for how we describe, find, share and reuse data are waiting around every corner.  Some of these may radically change how we conduct research, some could dramatically improve the effectiveness of the research sector at large.  What we think of as data, and even as research, will change as a result.


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