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posted on 2017-11-08, 08:02 authored by Andrew Janke, Siobhann McCafferty, Ian Duncan
Dr Andrew Janke presented RAiD - a research activity [persistent] identifier and the University of Queensland's Research Data Manager system that enables researchers to create and maintain dynamic Data Management Records.

Presented at figshare fest NZ, 27th October 2017 at the University of Auckland.

Dr Andrew Janke works on the Research Data Service led Data LifeCycle Framework (DLCF), this project seeks to address how data should be managed and curated during the entire research lifecycle. He is the Informatics Fellow at the Australian National Imaging Facility, Systems Architect for the Data Life Cycle Framework Project and Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Advanced Imaging at the University of Queensland.

Siobhann McCafferty is the Project manager for the Data Life Cycle Framework project.

Ian Duncan is the Director of the Research Data Service project in the Australian federal government's National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy.


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