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posted on 2020-08-19, 11:05 authored by Calvin BakerCalvin Baker
Over the last 60 years, male adolescent voice change (MAVC) has been well documented. Studies examining the extent and magnitude of the secondary descent and pubertal growth of the male laryngeal structure and its acoustical correlates have become plentiful and available for voice teachers in choral and studio-voice contexts to make use of. Conversely, information regarding the physiological and acoustical changes that occur in the female voice has as yet been sparsely researched. While there have been several seminal studies on this subject, there is much work to be done if we are to understand how the female voice is affected by pubertal growth during adolescence. As a part of his current PhD research (School of Music, University of Auckland), Calvin will describe the current state of knowledge surrounding female adolescent voice change (FAVC). An overview of the MAVC will also be briefly described. The research will then be viewed in a practical, pedagogical light. Ample time will be given at the end of this lecture for questions from attendees surrounding adolescent voice change (AVC) in general, and teaching studio voice in the secondary school context.



C P Baker