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Jupyter on NeSI

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NeSI supports the use of Jupyter for interactive supercomputing via our new JupyterHub service. Through this service users can connect to JupyterLab, the next generation web based user interface for Project Jupyter, running on NeSI’s HPC infrastructure using just a web browser.

We are currently in the early stages of making our JupyterHub service available to researchers. Here we would like to discuss details of, and share learnings from, our implementation of JupyterHub on NeSI infrastructure. We will also explore the different use cases researchers have for the service and the future direction and additional features we are planning to implement.

Chris Scott is a Research Software Engineer working for NeSI with a background in scientific computing and HPC

Marko Laban is a Software Engineer working for NeSI

Yuriy Halytskyy is a Systems Engineer working for NeSI



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