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Design as Research - Library workshop 2. Evaluating information

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posted on 2021-08-09, 20:16 authored by Fiona LamontFiona Lamont
Library workshop for "Design as Research" ARCHGEN703
Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries,
School of Architecture & Planning Masters students

Workshop 2 - Evaluating information:
Key activities:
Using the TRAAP test to evaluate your information.
Explanation of peer review and using Ulrichsweb as a verifier of publication quality
Deeper analysis of information taking into account typology, form, methodology, scope etc. Being a critical reader

Promotion of physical resources held by library
Explanation of primary, secondary and tertiary resources
Overview of Architecture Archive
How to access and contact Architecture Archive
Overview of General collection and access

Delivered 6th August 2021
Supported by Simon Esling and Rayna Dewar
(Research Services Advisers - Libraries and Learning Services)



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