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Altmetric & Dimensions – A novel approach to team up-skilling on bibliometrics tools

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posted on 2023-02-27, 04:18 authored by Donna MacCollDonna MacColl

 Research Services developed a novel approach to up-skilling across all the major analytics tools we have access to without all team members needing to be experts at everything, which is mission impossible.  The team broke into four small groups. Each group developed expertise in one tool.  A set of evaluation criteria were provided for groups to use as a starting point and the rest was left to the group’s imagination and creativity.  There was much good humour and fun group rivalry in the process. The small groups presented their findings to one another via a lightning talk-styled mini-conference followed by a team discussion. This presentation will cover the approach and process used, outcomes for the team, and use cases for the information.  At the end of this presentation, there may be time to include some excerpts of the Almetric and Dimensions presentations. 



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