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The New Zealand Geotechnical Database: A National Resource (Poster)

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posted on 2020-06-14, 23:53 authored by Benjamin SimonsBenjamin Simons, DEVORA Project
A poster outlining the New Zealand Geotechnical Database. By Tracy Howe, Jan Lindsay and Graham Leonard.
The New Zealand Geotechnical Database (NZGD) is an
online platform that stores geotechnical data from across New Zealand. Active since June 2016, the database contains >80,000 geotechnical datapoints. The database stores collar (i.e. location, depth, client, project, etc...) information along with digital logs of a variety of data types including boreholes, hand augers, and test pits. As the database almagates subsurface information that has previously been inaccesible, its application to scientific research is extensive.



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