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Molly Turpin: Unveiling the Art of Bloodstain Patterns: Investigating 2-Dimensional Horizontal Surface Staining

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posted on 2023-10-03, 08:45 authored by Molly Turpin

Bloodstain pattern analysis is a discipline that can provide significant additional information relating to the sequence of events involved in a violent crime. The criteria for interpreting these patterns relies on reproducible characteristic features as they appear in a 3-dimensional, or 2-Dimensional vertical environments. However, when these actions occur in an open space, a large proportion, or in some cases the entirety, of the pattern can be deposited on the floor. These circumstances limit the amount and value of information that could have been valuable in reconstructing the events of the crime.

This project investigate potential deviations from standard classification criteria for three characteristic blood stain pattern-generating activities (Passive Dripping, Impact, and Arterial Projection), to determine whether or not existing criteria are applicable for horizontal 2-dimensional patterns. Where necessary we aim make recommendations for modifying classification criteria based on the orientation of the deposition surface.

This poster was uploaded for the SGS Research Showcase 2023.



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