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Expanding The Synergistic Elongation Effects in PLA-PHBV Blends

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posted on 2023-01-31, 03:28 authored by Hosein PourimanHosein Pouriman

 A mathematical Design of Experiments (DOE) was structured to consider the interactive effects of PLA, PHBV, triethyl citrate (TC) plasticiser, and epoxy functionalised styrene acrylate (ESA) within the synergistic elongational region of the PLA-PHBV blend (PLA: PHBV of 70:30 to 90:10). Twelve blends were prepared via twin screw extrusion process. Mixture design showed that PLA and TC content has the highest and ESA content has the lowest total effectiveness. The optimal values for the lowest cost and highest elongation at break and the elongational viscosity were reached at PLA/PHBV/plasticiser/ESA content of 0.574/0.3/0.113/0.012 wt.%. Rheological studies showed the blends with the highest elongational viscosity suitable for blown film extrusion. 



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