ECalje MBOP PSANZ Conference Poster-proof2.pdf

2020-04-05T21:59:01Z (GMT) by Esther Calje
Background: iron-deficiency and anaemia in pregnancy is common but surprisingly challenging, and has lead to inconsistencies in management usually due to lack of clinical guidance.
Methods: A Maternity Blood Optimisation (MBOP) strategy has been adapted from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. However, specific challenges remain in applying evidence to practice. The challenges are: inconsistent treatment thresholds; the influence of inflammation on iron metabolism; and oral iron dosing regimens.
Pre-pilot data: 82% 2nd trimester women were iron-deficient and 7% had late stage iron-deficiency anaemia.
Discussion: Although challenges in interpreting evidence remain, knowledge advancements do suggest improved clinical pathways based on an early and consistent approach