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Centre for eResearch Annual Report 2018

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posted on 2019-04-10, 21:43 authored by Mark GaheganMark Gahegan, Jenny Lee RoperJenny Lee Roper, Marcus GustafssonMarcus Gustafsson, Yvette WhartonYvette Wharton, Cameron McLeanCameron McLean, Martin FellerMartin Feller, Nick YoungNick Young
Access to advanced computing infrastructure
is becoming more and more critical in modern research. Where cutting edge digital tools might not have been required just a decade ago, they now have profound impact on research capability and potential. In order to assist the University to fulfill its research aspirational goals and implement its digital strategy, the Centre offers digital facilities and solutions to researchers across a range of platforms to help solve their research problems.

Our core values are:
1. Computing power is easily accessible to researchers, in the right form for them to use.
2. Research data is a valuable, long-term asset that requires carefully managing to leverage its value.
3. Researchers require new technology skills and competencies to embrace fully the digital transformation occurring in research.
4. Advanced computational methods provide a research advantage, so it is important that the University is ready to adopt emerging tools and methods that improve research effectiveness.
5. Good research support services are easy to find, to request, and to use.



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