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Shaky Shores: Coastal impacts & responses to the 2016 Kaikōura earthquakes (Special Publication 3, 2018)

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posted on 2022-05-31, 03:40 authored by Charles Hendtlass, Jose Borrero, Don Neale, Tom ShandTom Shand
Just after midnight on 14 November 2016, the 'Shaky Isles' of New Zealand shook for two minutes. A series of faults unzipped in the north-eastern South Island from Culverden to Cape Campbell as tectonic pressures were released and shifted. While the event originated in that region, it was felt across the nation.

After a long night for many listening to the earth and the ocean settle and waiting for tsunami evacuation instructions to be issued and rescinded, the dawn brought the first glimpses of the event's scale - hillsides were disfigured with fault ruptures and landslip scars, a hundred kilometers of coastline was uplifted exposing subtidal reef and marine habitats, and communities were fractured and cut off as road and rail was twisted, torn and buried. Two lives were lost. This was the most significant seismic event to occur in the New Zealand mainland since the 1931 Napier Earthquake.

This publication looks specifically at the coastal impacts and response to the Kaikōura earthquakes. But the NZCS also wants to acknowledge the impacts that the event has had on the people and communities throughout the region, and the disruption it has caused to many people's lives and livelihoods. It is hoped this publication helps to share some of the lessons learnt to support preparing for and responding to similar disasters in the future.

The following authors contributed to this special publication: Tommaso Alestra, Jose Borrero, Alistair Boyce, Lucy Brake, Eng Chin, Kate Clark, Nick Cradock-Henry, Steve Dawson, Anthony Delaney, Deborah Diaz, Robyn Dunmore, Tony Fairclough, Jo Fountain, Shawn Gerrity, Jo Gould, Andrea Grant, Marta Guerra, Bill Harrington, Daniel Headifen, James Lake, Emily Lane, ER (Lisa) Langer, Islay Marsden, Tom McCowan, Joshu Mountjoy, Alan Orpin, John Pirker, Rob Presland, Steve Procter, Will Rayment, Richard Reinen-Hamill, Hamish Rennie, Ahsley Rowden, Amandine Sabadel, David Schiel, Marion Schoenfeld, David Simmons, Liz Slooten, Tamlyn Somerford, Paul South, Manea Sweeney, Leigh Tait, David Taylor, Roger Williams, Tom Wilson, Lucy Wing.

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