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Nims phd thesis supplementary materials

posted on 2022-07-15, 20:31 authored by Reno NimsReno Nims

Supplementary Materials 1 – Coastal Fish Life Histories

This is an overview of the life history characteristics that likely affected the geographic range, abundances, and mean body sizes of 38 archaeologically common marine fish species as sea surface temperatures cooled across the southwest Pacific Ocean during the Little Ice Age from about 1500-1900 CE.

Supplementary Materials 2 – Site Narrative Descriptions and Chronologies

This is a detailed account of the archaeological excavation histories of the 83 fishbone assemblages I analyse in this thesis. I also document the radiocarbon chronologies, recalibrations, and Bayesian Sequence models of each site, and narrative descriptions of the interpretive descriptions I made when assessing site stratigraphy and published radiocarbon determinations. Finally, I explain where each sample of fishbone data came from, describe the methods that were used to collect and identify fish remains, and the interpretive decisions I made during data recording and database synthesis to ensure that these data were comparable.



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