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Coastal Systems & Sea Level Rise: What to look for in the future (Special Publication 4, 2020)

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posted on 2022-05-31, 03:40 authored by Charles Hendtlass, Sam Morgan, Don Neale
As part of the New Zealand Coastal Society's work to promote and advance knowledge and understanding of the coastal zone, this special publication, which is the fourth in the series, presents an insight as to how our coastal systems have and can be expected to behave in response to past and future sea level rise.

It is intended to complement the existing and rapidly growing knowledge base on climate change impacts, with the aim of conveying that diverse coastal systems behave in different ways, and this needs to be considered and understood by practitioners addressing coastal planning, management and engineering issues.

Articles in this publication seek to contribute to the existing literature by focusing on coastal systems, evolution, response, and - importantly - Māori perspectives on environmental change.

The following authors contributed to this special publication: Rob Bell, Lucy Brake, Karin Bryan, Laura Cagigal, Lara Clarke, Giovanni Coco, Mark Dickson, Greg Garner, Nick Golledge, Ian Hamling, Deirdre Hart, Zoe Heine, Dan Hikuroa, Sigrun Hreinsdottir, Terry Hume, Judy Lawrence, Richard Levy, Drew Lohrer, Dan Lowry, Kate MacDonald, Jennifer Montaño, Tim Naish, Rebecca Priestley, Andrew Swales, Catriona Thompson, Derek Todd, Lauren Vargo.




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