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Naresh Singhal's Inaugural Professorial Lecture (31 July 2023) Are we there yet? If not, where to go next?

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posted on 2023-08-05, 05:14 authored by Naresh SinghalNaresh Singhal

About the lecture:

In this lecture, Naresh will explore the stories his father told him in his childhood as a way of reflecting on his academic journey. He will also discuss his contributions, core values, and leadership development, and share insights into his research on understanding microbial functions in wastewater treatment using various omics techniques. These insights have enabled us to connect process operations to the elimination of emerging contaminants like pharmaceuticals and the reduction of nitrous oxide emissions. He will also highlight the potential of wastewater as a valuable source of biochemicals and our recent efforts to study how natural waterbodies respond to climate change. Lastly, he will draw inspiration from influential leaders to emphasise the important role of academia in society.

About the speaker:

Naresh is an environmental engineer who is passionate about water and wastewater quality and treatment technologies. He holds an undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology – Mumbai, a masters degree from Louisiana State University, and a PhD from Princeton University. Since 1996, Naresh has been a valuable member of the University of Auckland, serving in various roles, including Associate Dean (Postgraduate) in the Faculty of Engineering and a member of the Faculty Staffing Committee in the Engineering and Science Faculties. Currently, Naresh leads a Marsden grant focused on the degradation of emerging contaminants in wastewater and serves as the Director of a newly established Water Research Centre within the department. He actively contributes to Engineering New Zealand's Auckland Branch Committee and is a member of Water New Zealand's climate change special interest group.



Naresh Singhal