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Weian Chen: Affective Communication

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posted on 2022-09-27, 19:35 authored by Weian ChenWeian Chen

 Without attempting to figure out what this image means, 

Can you ask your body how it makes you feel?

Pause, for a few seconds,  

Look deeply, to trace the energies and rhythms of the strokes,

Where it starts, and where does it take you? 

Remember, your task is 

to extract the felt sensations from your body,  not being indulged by the concepts from your thinking mind. 


Tell me, what did your body say about this image? 

How does it affect your corporeal rhythms? 

Do you feel bouncy? Soothed? Or curious? 

Ok, now I can tell you what just happened. 

You were taking in the affect of the birds' flight paths, the rhythms of their songs, boats' movement cutting across the sea, 

the scent of nearby flowers, 

and the sensations of the heat. 

At least, this is what I felt when I traced all of these perceptions on the Eastern Cliff.  

Have I succeeded in communicating the affect of Tiritiri Matangi? 

This image was uploaded for the SGS Research Showcase 2022.  

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