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Video2.2. Conditioned response of rig sharks (M. lenticulatus) to sound

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posted on 2023-01-27, 01:38 authored by Carolin NiederCarolin Nieder


Video 2.2. Conditioned response of rig shark (M. lenticulatus) to sound.

First, showing the swimming behaviour of eight rig sharks during a 1.2 kHz control signal (at 133 dB SPLrms at 30 cm). A flashing LED-light in the field of view of the camera (but not visible to the sharks) indicates the active speaker on the right. Note that the sharks do not change their swimming behaviour during the control signal. Second, showing how the conditioned rig sharks react to a 200 Hz signal (at 136 dB SPLrms at 30 cm), indicated by the flashing LED light above the right speaker. Note that the sharks take a few seconds to react before they approach the speaker, and circle underneath it.



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