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Turbocharging impact – building capability for more impactful science across NZ’s Crown Research Institutions (CRIs)

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posted on 27.08.2020, 03:25 by Faith WelchFaith Welch, Kara Scally-Irvine
The second 'Impact through Culture Change' webinar was held on Monday 24th August 2020. The webinar series focuses on the achievement of impact from the perspective of organisational change and the important role senior leaders can have in effecting this change.

The guest for this episode was Dr Kara Scally-Irvine, KSI Consulting, telling the story of the collaborative effort across NZ’s seven CRIs, building ‘evaluative’ capability across their organisations and ‘turbocharging’ the impact of their work. She was also joined by Alison Slade, Scion Research, and Helen Percy, AgResearch.



University of Auckland