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Tom Collins: Beneath the motorway

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posted on 2022-09-27, 19:35 authored by Tom CollinsTom Collins

This image is part of an architectural enquiry into the 15,000 houses that were demolished to make way for Auckland's Central Motorway Junction. This image is a photograph of a concrete cast in which the the space surrounding three colonial villas has been made solid, while the villas have been made negative and therefore absent. The process of creating this cast involved setting three positive villas within a defined empty space. The villas were then destructively removed from the cast concrete, mirroring the historical destruction of houses as they were replaced with the concrete of the motorway. This image abstractly establishes the historical events, processes, materials and architectures that are of interest to this thesis, and thus acts as a visual-introduction to this research. 

This image was uploaded for the SGS Research Showcase 2022.  

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