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Experimental Distributive Fluvial Systems (video material) by Terwisscha et al., 2020

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posted on 2020-09-03, 18:17 authored by Renske Terwisscha van ScheltingaRenske Terwisscha van Scheltinga
The data provided here is supplemental material to the research article:

Terwisscha van Scheltinga, RC, McMahon, WJ, Van Dijk, WM, Eggenhuisen, JT, Kleinhans MG., 2020.
Experimental distributive fluvial systems: Bridging the gap between river and rock record. Depositional Rec.2020;00:1-13.

Details on the experimental set-up and data processing are provided in the paper. The following supplementary items are provided:

Video material of time lapses of experiment T1 and T2
File 1, experiment T1. Terwisscha_etal_2020_video_experiment_T1_278MB.avi
File 2, experiment T2 (reduced quality file). Terwisscha_van_Scheltinga_etal_2020_TheDepRec_video_experiment_T2_98MB.avi
File 3, experiment T2. Terwisscha_etal_2020_video_experiment_T2_650MB.avi

Cut cross-sections (File 4-12)
Cut cross-sections of experiment T2
- T2_cutcrssctn2_Terw.... jpg to T2_cutcrssctn8.jpg
Of which 2 is a proximal cross-section and 8 a distal cross-section.





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