Talk by Gavin Brown on Quantitative Research Methods

2018-02-26T00:56:57Z (GMT) by Gavin Brown
This presentation was recorded as a guest appearance for a course taught at the University of Auckland, Faculty of Education and Social Work. The course, EDUC735 ‘Researching Educational Settings’, is taught by Dr Mohamed Alansari. He funded a series of recordings on research methods of which this is one. Permission has been gained from him to link this presentation to my account.
The presentation was created as a response to the following prompts:

1. What counts as a quantitative project?

2. What are some of the essential features of a well-designed quantitative project?

3. What are the differences between reliability and validity, and why are these terms important?

4. Are self-report data reliable?

The presentation follows a script I wrote to address those questions.