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Shree Senthil Kumar: Manipulating ‘Filters in the Brain’ to unlock brain disease pathways

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posted on 2022-09-27, 23:35 authored by Shree Vijayaswathi Senthil KumarShree Vijayaswathi Senthil Kumar

Heard of the phrase, ‘Brain is a Sieve?’ The brain only retains information that is critical and forgets distractions. This principle applies to smallest unit of the brain, the neurons. Neurons have locks that control disease pathways (Alzheimer’s, Stroke and Obesity) and can be activated only by the right key. In the image, the brain is treated with three different melanocortin drugs (Green, Blue and Red). The brain and the neurons act like a sieve and filter out the drugs (Green and Red) that do not fit and only allow the right drug (Blue) to permeate and activate the brain. 

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