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Data, code and videos for Retention of buoyant plastic in a well-mixed estuary due to tides, river discharge and winds by Chen, Li, Bowen, Coco, submitted to Marine pollution Bulletin in Mar 2023.

posted on 2023-08-02, 02:19 authored by Zheng ChenZheng Chen

1.Offline model codes: 'drifterofflineS.m';

Offline float trajectories codes using RK-4 and grounding rules;

Input: 2D surface flow velocity 'u_sur','v_sur' from the corresponding case of the ROMS quicksave files 'qck';

Output: 1.'xxxPP.mat' 250 floats trajectories: lon, lat, and position in metre

2.Output data from offline codes:

Matlab data: 'xxxPP.mat'; xxx contains seven simulating cases: baselineA, baselineB, flowA, flowB, windA, windB, real;

Lond=lon of each float; Latd=lat of each float; Yms=x,y position of each float in metre; temporal resolution=5mins

3.Offline model stats codes:'stats_23jan.m';

4. supplimentary

'base.mat' lon-lat and x-y grid

'nearest_value.m' calculating nearest value

'lldistkm.m' calculating distance (in km) between two points (lon-lat grid)

'HG_lgy.txt' coastlines in Hauraki Gulf

'whclonlatgrid.mat' the two longitudinal axes at the main channel and Henderson Creek for calculating along-channel dispersion

5.videos for each case

6. Average recurrence interval (ARI) analysis for the freshwater discharge events in Rangitopuni Creek (ARI_rangitopuni.docx)

ROMS input files are available as request



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