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Daniel Ho: (Your) My Bedroom

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posted on 2022-09-27, 19:35 authored by Daniel Ho

(Your) My Bedroom’ hybridizes Architectural analysis and Cubist Artistic media practice, progressing from a critique of orthographic drawing conventions mimicking Architectural experiences, picture subverts into expressing collective material encounters with the familiar bedroom:

The contemporary orthographic endeavors to no avail,
Reminding dialogues between self and space.
The eye’s picture,
Multiple moments;
Time distilled into material artifact.

Singular in composition, yet multiplicative by evoking identities in the viewer’s canonical ‘Bedroom.’ Found identities range from bodily to microscopic scales. Zoom in, explore, and analyze the character, ‘Bedroom.’ Serving both disciplines, this drawing informs a way toward a fused Art-Architectural creative practice. 

This image was uploaded for the SGS Research Showcase 2022.  

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