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Building a healthy, impact literate culture; reflections on the challenges, opportunities and (ongoing) fascination with unicorns

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posted on 2021-11-09, 21:29 authored by Faith WelchFaith Welch, Julie BayleyJulie Bayley
This episode of the 'Impact through Culture Change' webinar was held on Tuesday 2nd November 2021. The webinar series focuses on the achievement of impact from the perspective of organisational change, looking at the different approaches and initiatives that have been developed to enable research to make a difference to society .

In this episode we welcomed Dr Julie Bayley, , Director of Research Impact Development at the University of Lincoln (UK) and Director of the Lincoln Impact Literacy Institute (LILI). Julie is recognised as a world-leading expert in impact literacy and discussed some of the challenges, sector learning, and opportunities arising from being involved in the UK's assessment of impact in the Research Excellence Framework (REF), whilst trying to build an institutional impact culture alongside. She talked through how these experiences led to her work on Impact Literacy and Institutional health, and how these can enable a far more sustainable and meaningful approach not only in the UK but internationally.



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