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University of Auckland Diabetic Retinopathy (UoA-DR) Database- END USER LICENCE AGREEMENT

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posted on 2018-08-19, 22:35 authored by Waleed AbdullaWaleed Abdulla, Renoh Johnson ChalakkalRenoh Johnson Chalakkal
The University of Auckland Retinopathy Database has been created as part of the research carried out at the University of Auckland aimed at developing an automatic screening system to screen patients affected by diabetic retinopathy. The Database has been developed in collaboration with the Al-Salama Eye Hospital and collaborators from India.
The Database includes the following:
Retinal images: approx. 200 taken by Fundus camera, mostly of individuals affected with diabetic retinopathy Resolution: 2124 x 2056 pixels Size: approx. 500MB Extracted features: 3 x per image (retinal vessels, optic disc boundary and centre, fovea centre location)

Requests for access to the Database are considered on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to access the Database, please contact the University at, with a copy to, including your email contact details and a signed copy of this End User Licence Agreement.
If your request for access is approved, the University will email you a private link to download the Database.



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