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University of Auckland Centre for eResearch Annual Report 2016

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The 2016 Annual Report for the University of Auckland's Centre for eResearch.

Message from the Director, Professor Mark Gahegan:

This has been a rather busy year. The Centre for eResearch has grown during 2016 to support four core services across the University, funded via the University Strategic Projects Office (USPO).

These services are:
1. Research data management, including sharing ‘working’ data, publishing and discovering data, data management planning and training.
2. Virtual compute platform services, including research virtual machines, the Docker/Rancher and Jupyter Notebooks.
3. Research visualisation and analytics, offering a suite of visualisation platforms including a tiled display, large 3D display, Vive, HoloLens and zSpace virtual reality platforms. We now also offer a deep learning appliance with 2 NVIDIA 1080 GPUs.
4. The Research Hub, which is a capstone project that pools much of the knowledge about the many IT services that researchers use into an advisory: how to access them, how to get support, how they fit into the research lifecycle.

We have also increased our special projects work, most specifically with the School of Population Health, with whom we have been building Mobile apps, creating mapping and analytics tools, running group knowledge elicitation workshops and delivering a web portal to support statistical analysis for the Growing Up in New Zealand project.

During 2017, we plan to create another core service around digital research skills development to meet the increasing demand from our research community for more specialist training. We will also be offering the ResBaz (Research Bazaar) event again over the summer, and Winter Bootcamp for those who want to gain a number of proficiencies in one short burst.



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