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Understanding the eResearch Ecosystem in New Zealand - Workshop Reflection Report

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posted on 2018-09-26, 20:52 authored by Mark DietrichMark Dietrich, Nick JonesNick Jones

We're looking to build our view of a future for NeSI through working with researchers to understand their aspirations and goals. We are considering NeSI's role in the broader context of the research system alongside research institutions, other research infrastructures, and commercial providers. We're aiming to optimise our investment into supporting research, in this broader context.

Earlier in 2018 we kicked off consultation with an eScience Futures Workshop at eResearch NZ 2018. It can be near impossible for those without a long association with a research sector to appreciate the ecosystem of technologies and providers underpinning research activities. Our intent was to shine a light on the varied aspects of our advanced research computing ecosystem, to encourage broader future-oriented perspectives.

We are now releasing a reflection report from this eScience Futures Workshop, to document a view of the advanced research computing ecosystem we refined during that meeting. The report introduces key elements of an eScience value chain, describing these elements and outlining key trends in a global context. This common language and frame of reference forms the base upon which we'll build additional insights.


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