Spanish (Spain) TCoA-IIIA

2017-07-19T03:16:44Z (GMT) by Gavin Brown Ana Remesal

This translation was created by Ana Remesal, PhD., Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology, University of Barcelona, Spain.

This translation has been done with special care to avoid technical jargon, so as to be responded by teacher-students. The language follows the Peninsular-Spanish standards.


Recommended citation for this version.

Remesal, A. (2009). Cuestionario Abreviado de Concepciones de Evaluación del Aprendizaje. Unpublished translation of Teachers' Conceptions of Assessment inventory (CoA-IIIA), Universidad de Barcelona, Spain.

This version was used in the following publication:

Brown, G. T. L., & Remesal, A. (2012). Prospective teachers’ conceptions of assessment: A cross-cultural comparison. The Spanish Journal of Psychology, 15(1), 75-89. doi: 10.5209/rev_SJOP.2012.v15.n1.37286